children aidIn keeping with Chivalric values that call for protecting the poor and the defenseless, the Savoy Orders contribute to charities that serve children. longstanding beneficiaries of Savoy Foundation grants are: Boys' Towns of Italy, Inc., Casita Maria, New York Foundlin.

Homeless boys and girls are referred to the Boys' Towns of Rome and to the Girls’ Town of Rome by various international organizations, the Red Cross, children's welfare agencies and the courts. Ranging in age from 10 to 21, these young people reflect diverse races and religions and come from many parts of the globe. Every year, in fact, about one-fourth of the children living in the facilities in Rome represent countries other than Italy.

The boys and girls, whatever their age or national origin, share a background of misery and suffering. War, abandonment, or some other tragedy has left them in a precarious position. Some have neither family nor permanent shelter. The new "chance in life" offered to such young men and women in one of the "towns" takes the form of a challenge to assume responsibility for themselves and for their community.

Recently, the Savoy Foundation made grants to the Catholic Near East Welfare Association which feeds, clothes, shelters and educates thousands of children in the Near East and builds schools, hospitals and churches in that region. Its humanitarian work closely parallels the historic mission of the Order of Saints Maurice and Lazarus. The grant benefited 101 deaf Palestinian children at Paul VI Ephpheta Institute in Bethlehem. In addition, the Foundation also made a grant to the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem's American University of Madaba Scholarship Fund to provide education to young men and women in the Near East. In 2016 a grant to the Children’s Education Fund (HCEF) of the a Holy Land Christian Ecumenical Foundation, Inc. will provide the full tuition costs of a 100 children or partial tuition according to their financial need. In line with its ecumenical mission, HCEF works to support all Christian denominations in the Holy Land. Donations to CEF help support children who attend Latin (Catholic), Greek orthodox, Franciscan, Melkite Catholic, Syrian Orthodox and Lutheran schools, ensuring Christian diversity in the Holy Land.

Since funding for arts supplies and programs with cultural organizations in New York City public schools has fallen dramatically since the Department of Education ended dedicated per pupil arts funding , the Savoy Foundation recently made grants to Casita Maria Arts and Education Center to supplement and foster its music program.

The New York Foundling Hospital's The Maria Lucadamo Crisis Nursery has been a recent beneficiary of the Savoy Foundation. A grant will help provide top quality care for children, along with support services to help parents in crisis get back on their feet and remain stable.